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What is Litecoin?

Litecoin is a cryptocurrency, similar to Bitcoin and second only to Bitcoin itself. It has been compared to being the silver to Bitcoin's gold.

Unlike Bitcoin, Litecoin uses the scrypt method of hashing for mining. It is the first successful cryptocurrency to use scrypt.  Litecoin,has a large and growing userbase and  community.  An ever-increasing number of businesses accept Litecoin for an ever-widening range of products and services.

Litecoin's target time between blocks is 2 minutes and 30 seconds, this being 4 times faster than Bitcoin.

The initial total reward per block mined is 50 coins.  This reward halves every 840,000 blocks, or approximately every 4 years

The total number of Litecoins that will ever be generated is 82 milion.
Welcome to TreasureQuarry, the fun and friendy Litecoin mining pool.   Roll up your machines and start earning some lovely Litecoins

It's quick and easy to start mining at TreasureQuarry's Litecoin pool.

To begin mining Litecoin, just download a miner like Pooler's cpuminer, to mine with your CPU, or if you have a good graphics card you can use bfgminer, or cudaminer for Nvidia graphics cards.

Altenatively, Guiminer is a good choice if you're a beginner to mining, or if you simply prefer not to use the command-line to set up your mining.

There's no need to "sign up" to mine at TreasureQuarry.  Just use the following settings for your miner:

Mining address (url) (remember to include the port number after the colon)

This should be a unique address from your Litecoin wallet on your computer, for example my  mining address that I use on this pool is LRiuMEPNFojdY8HX9iZB3QYWGHqcgAWAj6 (don't use this particular address otherwise your earnings will go to me). Please do not use an exchange address or online wallet address.   

Your password can be anything you like - this is unimportant with P2Pool, as your earnings go straight to your wallet rather than being kept on the server. In the example below I'll just use x as the password.

Therefore, using with pooler's cpu miner as an example, use:


Ensure that you replace YOURLITECOINADDRESSHERE with an actual infinitecoin address from your wallet. This is the address that your pool earnings will be sent to.

Choosing your psuedo-share difficulty

To get a good representation of your hashrate on the pool's graphs, and also to possibly reduce your DOA rate, adding the following to the end of your Litecoin address (including the + sign, and without any space between your Litecoin address and the + sign) is likely to  help. Just find your nearest hashrate from the table below:

Hash Rate (KHash/s)  Difficulty
5 +0.00000582
10 +0.00001164
50 +0.00005821
100 +0.00011641
250 +0.00029103
500 +0.00058207
750 +0.00087310
1000 +0.00116414
2000 +0.00232828
4000 +0.00465656
8000 +0.00931312

For example if you 're mining at 750 KHash/s, use:

minerd -o -u YOURLITECOINADDRESSHERE+0.00087310 -p x

This will make your miner report when it finds "pseudo-shares" of a certain difficulty (you'll still need to find real shares for payments to start).  Once you do find a true share, payments will start going straight to your wallet as soon as the p2pool finds blocks.   Due to the way p2pool's PPLNS (pay per last N shares) works, the payments may seem to start slow but will then build up to reach a peak and reasonably steady rate.

You can view statistics at , and graphs at . Your own graph will show on the graphs page under the heading of your Litecoin address. 

TreasureQuarry's reliable server is located in New York in the USA. 

Pool fee is just 1% which you can confirm at any time at

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask me (TreasureSeeker) in the support thread at the Bitcointalk forum.

Have fun and happy mining!